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Musical TV-Sitcom

Set during Coronavirus Lockdown
Intended for: 6-part TV sitcom
Next step: Shoot Pilot Winter '21

Musical Comedy 1-Man-Show

Comedic History of Social Media
For: Live multimedia performance @ Edinburgh Fringe '21 or '22
Next step: crowdsourcing material of favourite tweets to write about

Thriller Story

Based on experience tutoring high-performance families
Intended for: Screen
Next step: screen test '22

Sci-Fi Story

Intended for: Short-Story Collection -> Screen
Next step: Publish 'beta' for feedback '21


Bedtime Stories: by Children, for Children

Intended for: (paper) book
Next step: partner with charity or publisher


a one-man show with 140 characters


"A hideous, vindictive, spiteful couple mob known as the Twits live together in a brick digital house without windows. They continuously play nasty practical jokes on each other out of hatred for one another."

Mr and Mrs Twit are not very nice. In fact they’re extremely nasty. They’re nasty to each other, and they’re VILE to everyone else.

They hold a family of monkeysjournalists hostage in a cage and force them to stand on their heads. ALL THE TIME.

We told you they weren’t very nice. Can the monkeysmusician find a way to show those vicious Twits what for?

Mischievously adapted from Roald DahlTwitter’s story, Cerulean turns The Twits upside down and brings this revolting revolution to the Edinburgh Fringe stage.

Age guidance: for brave (3)8 year olds and their families.

Running Time Approximately: 1 hour.

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Jamie's mother shed a tear at his graduation.
She just wished his dad - an squaddie killed by an IED blast in Iraq - could have seen a Hargreaves, from Luton, walking out of Cambridge with his 2.1 in History.

But now Ms. Hargreaves is nervous because Jamie's best graduate offer is in the Middle East.
He’s being flown out by a wealthy alum called Adam Cromer-Khalil, to his private estate in the Omani Desert, with a single task in hand: to get the rebellious son Charles into their Cambridge college.

Promised rich rewards by this quixotic man of means, how far will Jamie go to ensure success?
And how long until Jamie begins ask: “what have I got myself into?”


Workshopped for New Work Week 2018 @ Logan Center, Chicago.
4 major scenes presented.

Password? ask nicely ...


New Work Week: Heidi Coleman, Sean Kelly, Dan Jackson
Story: Jihad Milhem

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"Start Spreading the News (not the New Virus)
I'm Leaving Today (No More New York City)
I (don't) want to be a part of it
Flu York, Flu York"

Aspiring singer-songwriter Georgia could never understand why her West African mum chose to marry a boring old Englishman, a fact she makes clear at her leaving party celebrating her move to study Musical Theatre in New York.
Though her Fulbright Scholarship is only for 2 years, she vows never to return home to Yorkshire.

Coronavirus has other ideas.
In March 2020, her school closes down due to the pandemic, and she is forced to return to her hometown.
The only person who will welcome her in is her step-brother Bobby aka local Tik-Tok rapper sensation MC Yorkie.

Can she possibly still pursue her dreams from a 1.5 bedroom flat shared with a Covidiot in smalltown England?
If she can make it there, she can make it anywhere!

Project Progress

Hope to shoot pilot in Eastleigh (SO50) - 1h south of London - in Spring '21.
Will pitch 6-part series to be filmed in Yorkshire toward the end of '21.

Creative Roles
Pre: Script Editing - collaborating on AirTable
Prod: Camera & Lighting - shooting 4K indoors, currently iPhone 12 Pro w/ gimbal
Post: Editing - pref. Apple (e.g. FCPX)

Improv experience - and willingness to get stuck in on production & promotion - a plus:

Thanks So Far

Story: Olympia Christofinis